Mother Lovers Society Vol. 20

Written by on August 9, 2020

Jade Baker (our movie’s narrator, whose “jaded,” at first rather prudish character frequently talks right to the camera) plays a youthful chick whose on-screen father — played by director (in this film, one particular of the cameramen) James Avalon, who’s a latest widower in the story — decides to get married to Reagan Foxx Jade not getting also certain about this sudden pairing with a lot of older-/younger-gal pussy-eating soon following veteran slut Ashley Fires, in distinct, living up to her identify and burning the tiny screen down during her inter-lewd with Alison Rey, in this really wankworthy womanwoman title from Sweetheart Video.

And we start off off with a slit-to-slit sizzler as (yes!) older-and-bolder Ashley Fires gets it on with her foxy stepdaughter, played by Alison Rey. The husband/father is away on some trip, so Ash and Alice are sleeping in the very same bed, when the ever-slutty Fires indulges in some sudden, sudden sleepy-morning vadge-to-vadge loving. In terms of the missionary position, watching Ash devour salmon is rather wonderful, despite the fact that it’s a deal with seeing pixie Rey putting out Fires’ fire, also. Yet another great second is when Alison is bent over and Ash is licking and sucking that tight, squeaky-clean Rey rectum. Yeowza!

Macy Meadows has the hots for her stepmom, played by Serene Siren, whom Mace catches masturbating on the sofa in the middle of the night, with yet another fiery fish fry ensuing. Serene, by the way, seems to be amazing and sincerely enjoys (loudly!) sucking slit during missionary. Okay, so Mace might be a bit quieter, but she also relishes licking deep with a session of 69 getting especially arousing.

Next, luscious MILF Alexis Fawx gets it on with her own stepdaughter, played by Jessie Saint, with the latter taking part in the aggressor during a yoga session the two are obtaining in their house best parts getting when Alexis is wildly flicking her tongue in Saint-snatch during missionary Fawx (in a film highlight!) bent over (what an wonderful ass!) as Jess licks Alexis asshole decadent lil’ Jess obtaining stepmom recline on her back so randy stepdaughter can chow down on some succulent cunt Jess whorishly sucking these large Fawx boobs when Saint comes up for air and Alexis performing some crazed sucking as Jess is in a sorta jackhammer position, allowing Fawx all the more oral accessibility to that sweet Saint salmon.

And we finish with uptight Jade Baker lastly letting her hair down, as she gets intimate with her foxy 50-yearold stepmom Reagan Foxx most memorable segments here getting when Reagan focuses her tongue like a laser on Baker-bush during missionary, as effectively as when we see these large, porn-star juggs on Foxx hunting oh-so scrumptious when she’s on her back and trampishly allowing Jade to inhale that vintage vadge on Foxx. I just want there had been some doggie here. Nonetheless, quite a boner-burster of an episode.

The combo here is certainly a winner: delicious MILFs and tasty cougars hooking up with fresh pieces of youthful, tender chicken high factors, after yet again, going to the ever-insatiable Miss Fires although it was also exciting seeing Serene Siren scarf down on steaming snatch. Yep, “Mother Lovers Society 20” is totally worth a appear.

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