Ricky Greenwood Directs 1st Characteristic for MissaX

Written by on July 12, 2020

LOS ANGELES — Aiden Ashley and Seth Gamble, the reigning XBIZ winner for Male Performer of the Year, star in the forthcoming erotic thriller “Killer on the Loose” for director Ricky Greenwood‘s first feature for MissaX. The title is set for digital release in August.

“Professor Peterson (Gamble), sits in a dark, damp cell in prison,” reads the promotional tease. “There is a killer on the loose and detective Clara (Ashley) is aware of the professor holds the important to finding the culprit. The professor exchanges hints for his very own enjoyment as he manipulates and seduces Clara.”

Vanna Bardot and Kenzie Taylor fill out the cast, although the male talent includes Dante Colle, Stirling Cooper and Codey Steele.

“‘Killer on the Loose’ is Ricky Greenwood’s really first feature for us and we hope it will be the first of many,” Missa X told XBIZ. “The story is written by Maddy Barton and Ricky and has been in the operates given that February. Ricky and I have had many months dreaming about how to execute this story, and we are so thrilled to existing it to MissaX.com members.”

Gamble enthused about the chance to stretch his acting muscle tissues once again.

“This was my first movie back after a long time out of operate,” he told XBIZ. “When Ricky sent me the script, it would be an understatement to say I was thrilled. I loved playing this character, placing my spin on him, and I’m grateful that Ricky and Missa gave me the chance to do so.”

Operating with Aiden was remarkable this was our first time functioning with each other,” he continued. “She is an outstanding actress and performer. I’m fortunate to have been ready to operate on this film. From a excellent cast, crew, and a director like Ricky Greenwood, this is a single you will not want to miss.”

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