Language Acquisition for Language Teachers

Written by on October 25, 2019

Most occupations call for staff to proceed expert advancement throughout their careers. Teachers get ongoing coaching about numerous factors of schooling. Amid language teachers, non-native speakers of the language they teach often struggle to keep their language abilities up they need as considerably focus on expert advancement in language acquisition as in other regions of schooling. These who do not live near native speakers need to locate imaginative options. We will proceed an ongoing occasional column on techniques to increase superior language abilities in numerous languages, despite the fact that our primary focus is Spanish acquisition. Comprehensible Input is what leads to language acquisition for our students. As teachers, perhaps self-aware about our language capacity or wanting to get a new language, we often fail to remember to apply the identical principles to ourselves. Comprehensible Input leads to language acquisition at all levels. Right here are some possibilities:

one. Get a class. Not any class. A class that utilizes TPR Storytelling and Comprehensible Input to teach. Fluency Fast Lessons are 1 alternative.

2. Immersion. Not just any immersion. Immersion with a property remain and sheltered topic matter lessons are perfect, but lessons with a certain CI / TPRS focus are the greatest. Avoid lessons that focus on teaching grammar. A single travel alternative is the Global Forum of Language Educating taking location more than a three week period in Cuernavaca, Mexico. This is exclusively for Spanish teachers wanting to increase their Spanish. Dr. Stephen Krashen will also present on language acquisition theory. Information is also on their Facebook page.

three. Read through. Not just any book. Look for books that are developed for language learners. If you are learning a new language, search for minimal word counts with glossaries in the back. If you are a attempting to increase a language you are already proficient in, go for amount. Rather of selecting books that are time-consuming and challenging to read through, pick numerous straightforward books with handful of new words and plots that are compelling. Examine out Command Functionality Language Institute.  Mike Peto also maintains a blog with a record of new and independently published readers. He is also the writer of straightforward readers accessible on that page. In all instances, we advocate ordering books straight from the authors or publishers rather than distributors anytime attainable.

4. Get an on-line class or video. Alina Filipescu, a Spanish instructor in California, is a polyglot, determined to include far more languages to her repertoire and to increase every single language she is aware of. She teaches Spanish, despite the fact that her 1st language is Romanian. She is now acquiring French and recommends the videos of Alice Ayel. She contributed a blog on her French journey to TPRS for Chinese. Fluency Fast also has pre-recorded on-line videos of earlier lessons in Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and German. The French class is new, recorded this summertime, with Donna Tatum-Johns. There is a new live Zoom class with Daniel Dubois and Sabrina Sebban-Janczak. Read through the blog about the class and verify out when the next French class is.  There are also live lessons in Agen, France in August, 2020 with Daniel and Sabrina.

5. Netflix. Television. Motion pictures. Tv shows. Binge-watching. I personally am attempting to increase my very own Spanish. Whilst I am studying and taking TPRS lessons to find out starting French, all French television is too superior for me. For Spanish, though, it is my quantity 1 resource for bettering my superior Spanish. I began with El Internado. I have also watched El tiempo entre costuras, Velvet, El Barco, El ministerio de tiempo, La embajada, Las chicas del cable and Gran Hotel. Other recommendations have been Ingobernable, La Niña and Juana Inés and Bala Loca. Some of these are not accessible in the U.S. I downloaded them onto my iPad whilst I was traveling in either Mexico or Spain. When I returned, I did not reconnect to the net in the U.S. till I had completed watching as numerous episodes as I had downloaded. This will perform when leaving the U.S., also. (When Netflix re-connects to U.S. net, plans downloaded in other countries will no longer perform.) For all episodes, I use the subtitles in Spanish and listen and read through simultaneously.

six. Make a good friend. Whether or not in individual by going to meet-ups or regional events with native speakers or on-line in a conversation exchange, keeping up and bettering your very own language capacity in the language you teach Alina Filipescu also has a Skype good friend with whom she practices English for 30 minutes and Spanish for 30 minutes weekly. I took up Salsa and Bachata dancing and slowly changed by social group to mostly Spanish speakers. These are not light recommendations. As non-native speakers of the languages we teach, continuing to increase our language abilities is crucial. All of us need to proceed to spend time exposed to comprehensible input in the language we wish to find out. As teachers, this is a occupation necessity and we really do not all live in places the place we have straightforward entry to native speakers.

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